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About Us

Gallery Webs is a medium web site design company, working to help small, medium and high size businesses be successful on the web. With expertise in all aspects of online business, we will help you create a plan to make your web site a highly effective aspect of your business.

Our mission is to convey the professionalism and integrity of the vendor of a product or service (you the client) to their prospective customers. We are committed to produce a web site that will make you stand out with respect to your competition. A professionally designed site, that is well promoted, results in more commerce. From a selfish point of view, we want the job security that will result from our clients making much more from our services than what I charge for them.

GW Designs started off as "Gallery Webs" and was exclusively an art Internet marketing service. Gradually the amount of non-art clients have equaled the art sites. So we made the change to "GW Designs" in September of 2001.

Gallery Webs now is a mature company, means we have more expertise and can offer and a more comprehensive suite of services. We can now offer commerce site development as well as branding, design, marketing, and online business consultation. Our focus continues to be personalized customer service and making your business successful.

GW Designs made up of:

Ben Vaughn: Ben founded Gallery Webs built the company to what it is today. Ben currently acts in an advisory role, continuing to offer Art industry expertise to GW clients. Ben is currently living in paradise--Costa Rica.

Rashid Herrera: Has been creating web sites since 1999, and he is involved in the technology decisions, SEO, and marketing things. Today he is the General Manager.

Andrey Solis: Web graphic designer and animator in flash.

Gloria Castellon: Head of the Accountant / Administration department.

Alvaro Bonilla Lynch: Our representor in the Central Valley.

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