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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the concept of making your Web Page sell more for you.Web Marketing in Costa Rica
You have a good chance to sell your product only if clients enter your website; however, if they are confused once in your Web Site, you are losing sales.  

In Web Marketing we analyze the architecture of your website, its usability - accessibility, statistics and positioning. With all this information on hand, we work to optimize sales and/or reservations for you. 

Internet Marketing does not just include working on the internal and external aspects of your web site to improve sales, it also measures and finds your best options for paid publicity on the Internet such as adwords, pay per click, banners and others.
We offer the following packages:


$500 upon signing of contract, and then $1000 upon signing of contract. Includes a marketing and optimization study of your web site, then
$250 / month.
*Minimum 6 months.
$500 /month which will give you ongoing positioning, optimization inside and outside of your website, marketing studies and monitoring, as well as ongoing maintenance.



Gallery Webs adapts to your own needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to ASK. Simply contact us and we will gladly guide you in finding the best option for your business adapted to your budget.

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