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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Positioning and Optimization of Websites


Posicionamiento de sitios webSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites means looking for a better positioning for one or more keywords on your website on the search engines such as,,, and many more.

Studies have shown that the websites found on the “Top 5” positions when doing a search usually take 85% of the internet sales for that particular item.


Special Offer: Perhaps the only thing your website needs to compete for “better terms” is its “optimization on the web”. The price for this starts at only $150! This can be done as a one time expense with no recurrent fees.




What results can I expect to get by subscribing to your Search Engine Optimization Service?

The answer depends on the SEO package you are choosing. However, even the most basic package will give your website greater exposure on the Web and you will find it easier on search engines such as google, yahoo and others using terms related to your given terminology for your business. Not just any term. Some webmasters guarantee that the name of your company will appear upon searching it. That is not very competitive as your name is unique. We will help you position your website under competitive terms, those used by people looking for your type of business, thus rendering a real increase in sales.

Our SEO service is focused on offering you positioning using competitive terms, terms used by people looking for your type of services. In order to obtain this, we first have to meet with you to gain knowledge of those terms which you feel are most used by your potential clients to look for your services. Using special tools, we expand this list. Once we have this information, we will use tools that let us know which phrases are the most commonly used by people looking for your type of business and how often these phrases are used. That way we can more accurately pinpoint the terms for which your website would be ranked and which are the most competitive. There lies our success.


SEO Case Studie

The following images are screen shots of the rankings adquired by our SEO Clients for "competitive keywords" note 2 things:

1. Keywords are competitive, not just the name of the business or a low competitive keyword.
2. The SEO strategie has been focussed taking in mind where the clients come from, if those are from Costa Rica, then the SEO is done for if those are from outside CR, then we use or the regional google where the clients search for the client´s product/service.

Check out some of our client´s rankings... We are showing just a little list because each client is well ranked for many keywords.




Do you have experience in website optimization - positioning?
Yes, and we can use our own clients to prove it.
Our own website is on the first page of Google when you search for “Costa Rica Web Design ”. This may go up or down on any particular day, but we hold our position among the best at any point in time.
The most important thing is that you know your own clientele and the terms that they would use to find you on the internet. The closer you get to that knowledge, the better your results will be. Our own clients say it eloquently:
“48.5% of all my reservations I owe to Gallery Webs with a Basic Level management of my website. It alone is the main reason for my occupation over and above all the other areas where we have invested money in advertising.  Therefore, I am very happy with their services which have been tailored to my needs and have respected my financial limitations.” – #10 on under the terms “ecotourism costa rica” Martha Desrosiers, Manager of Mar y Selva Ecolodge


“I was thinking about which company in Costa Rica to use to design our website. I was quite tempted to use a more expensive company from the US, mostly because my Spanish is so limited and I needed to let the designer clearly understand my needs. Then I chose Gallery Webs located in San Isidro Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, so as to contribute to the local economy and because I really liked their designs. During our first meeting with Rashid (Gallery Webs Manager) I was impressed by the studies he immediately performed on the search engines on the web. I learned a lot from just working with his team. Rashid speaks English well. He was very patient with my numerous questions and was always quick to answer my emails that I later sent him from the US. But the best thing is that we are getting many visitors and reservations through our website in a very short time! Karen McCrea ,Owner of Tree Top Cottages

Through the years we have had several different companies manage our web site. Some were good in their web design technique, others were good at maintenance, but none were good overall. This changed when we started to work with Gallery Webs. They helped us redesign our website and then they started to work on positioning it on the web. Since we started working with Gallery Webs, the business we receive from our web site has grown considerably. If you are looking for a webmaster that is good overall, I highly recommend Gallery Webs without any doubts in my mind. Jack Ewing – Hacienda Baru (

These are just a few of the clients that have stated their satisfaction with us.  

Don’t doubt in contacting us NOW – by clicking HERE and ask for our Search Engine Optimization services.


Gallery Webs adapts to your own needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to ASK. Simply contact us and we will gladly guide you in finding the best option for your business adapted to your budget.

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